In the last years we got shocked by the news about the existence of microplastics, and how they are spreading theirselves through the oceans but also exist in our daily used beauty products. They seem to be everywhere, often not even visible.


Could it be that in the future microplastics are even flying through the air?

In this speculative scenario microplastics start cooperating with other particles that are flying in the air. In this case: pollen

The microplastic sticks to the ‘hair’ from the pollen, and the pollen slowly starts to transform  to a hybrid.


The blossom of the tree get’s pollinated by the hybrid and the trees’ DNA starts to change.

Because of the DNA change, the tree is no longer only out of cellulose but partly out of plastic. The illustrations show how the DNA changes the fruit, leaves and bark of the tree in a positive way; where the plastic part improves the quality of the life of the tree and create a new sustainable resource